karma is karma, baby

tonight dave and i were driving to the gym (no, that wasn't a typo--the gym) when someone lobbed a snowball at dave's beloved mustang (i call it the moostang). it hit us right square in the windshield. dave was a little indignant. i don't think he minded that the pranksters were throwing the snowballs, he just didn't like that they had targeted him. in his own words, "i don't think those kids realize it's illegal to throw snowballs!" (it really is, actually) and so dave put his tax dollars to work. he called the rexburg police, and then us, being the petty individuals that we are, waited around in the freezing cold night (wearing only our BYUI-approved workout attire). no more than a minute had gone by--rexburg is VERY small--before a patrol car pulled up. he got out, ID-ed the punks, called for backup, and then the two of them gave those kids a stern talking to. we wrecked their evening, but at least they'll have a good story to call home with on sunday, right? now fast forward in the evening: david and i are done working out, we buy some gas and horkley's, and head over to hailey's apartment to tell her our hilarious story. cleanflicks was about to close so we walked over with her and scotty to return their old movie and check out a new one. on our way back, dave slipped on some ice, fell, and scratched up his hand...in front of a carload of students who didn't hesitate to point and laugh.
that's karma about as fast as you can get it, i'd say.

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  1. Love it. What goes around always comes around. Never fails.


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