leap of faith

we had someone that wanted to move into our old apartment, and we were all set to move into the place above our store. perfect, right? until this new guys application didn't go through on friday night...the same night we needed to give the new manager a definite yes or no answer. so we called her and told her we wished so so hard we could take it but we don't have anyone to move into our place...so we couldn't. she understood and said no problem; maybe we could try again in a few months. it left me feeling really helpless; i mean, if i wanted something this bad, there just HAD to be something i could do to make it work, right? this new place was perfect...temple view, literally right above the store, considerably cheaper, and right downtown. we could literally walk to the grocery store, to campus, to...you get it. everywhere. i just didn't want to let this apartment get away!
so we took a leap of faith. we called the manager back and said we actually DID want it, and pleeeeease don't give it away? and she said okay. so now we have not one but...two apartments. meaning we need (have no choice) to find someone to live in our old apartment ASAP...but we have this dream apartment now! the move is on! our official move in date in feb. 15! i am so excited.

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