for my first ever valentines day with a real valentine, my husband picked out gifts for me that proved how very well he really does know me. they were a.) inexpensive, b.) thoughtful, and c.) useful. he got me FOUR BLANK NOTEBOOKS (i love almost nothing more than a blank notebook) with cheesy kittens and puppies on the fronts, a flannel shirt i had been admiring in the little boy's section of wal mart, and a jar of my favorite salsa verde and tortilla chips. does it get better? i got him an insulated winter baseball cap with fold-down-able earflaps to wear to his cowboy classes on tuesday and thursday nights. more than that, though, we got to sleep in a little bit this morning, split our favorite huevos locos breakfast sandwich from gandolfos, and we're having taco wagon and martinelli's for dinner tonight. not bad, huh? and yes, in case you were wondering, we are mexican food people.
hey, i forgot to blog about my very cute valentines day experience here in the store! sometimes i get frustrated with rude people, but also sometimes i get to see the sweetest things around here. last night a woman came into the store with her two little boys. the little boys were being very polite and following their mom around when one of them saw a heart charm bracelet that we have. he whispered to his brother for a second, and then his brother said, "hey, mom, come over here with me!" and lead his mom to the back of his store. the first boy grabbed the bracelet, ran up to the counter, handed me $4 out of his pocket to pay for it, and whispered "don't tell my mom!," then went back to quietly following her around the store. his brother came up to him a few minutes later and whispered, "did you get it?" and he said, "yeah--we'll give it to her tomorrow!" how sweet :)
oh and also:: my mom gets here tomorrow evening to help us move into our humble new abode. i am EXCITED to say the very, very least.

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