as promised, the necco wafer movie for my dad. there is a story behind this one that anyone outside of my family wouldn't know, though. when i was growing up, we used to have this little cabin on Clearlake. some of my very most favorite memories take place there; we've spent summers there with our closest family friends and some summers there with just each other. the drive to get there, if i remember correctly, took about 3 hours...maybe closer to 4? needless to say, with a carload of young'uns, it wasn't fun. we'd have to make at least 6 bathroom trips, and that's just for my mom. there was this one gas station that i remember--it was right on the corner of a left hand turn we would make and it meant we were getting close. we would stop to fill up on gas, let my mom use the bathroom (again), get cokes for the parents...and my dad would get us kids a pack of necco wafers. i guess when my dad was growing up, and my grandpa would buy them necco wafers, it was a big treat. we thought they were disgusting, but my dad was always so eager to give them to us that we never really said anything. this continued summer after summer, and on some road trips in between. finally, one of us, in our teenage years, told my dad that necco wafers were...well...disgusting. it's been a joke in our family ever since, and now whenever i get a package from my mom i can count on finding, you guessed it...a roll of necco wafers from my dad. the ironic thing is, i ate a few the other night, and they're not half bad. it must be this poor college livin' thats doing me in...


  1. Daddy will love this. I would write more but I have to pee so bad and need to run to the bathroom.

  2. Your hair is getting so long! Cute video. I still remember Dave buying the Necco wafers on our trip to CA for the first time.


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