pictures i've found on my phone recently:
a.) b.)
a.) the awesome new mirror i got. i took the picture to send to my mom because i knew she would be impressed with my astonishing good taste (or something). can't wait to hang it up in the new apartment. and yes, that's me taking the picture in the reflection...hi! b.)dave's wild man hair. this picture was taken as we were out to eat on our 6 month wedding anniversary (what?? 6 months??). he's discovering i'm crazy about him no matter if he doesn't do his hair. might have to lay down the law soon. c.) ok i'm sorry if this is mean, but it was the biggest wedgie i've seen in...ages. sorry again. it makes me laugh. please, friends, promise to tell me if i ever get yoga-pant-wedge? d.) the elephants at the circus david took me to for my birthday last summer! e.) dave in the hospital after a lactose intolerance related issue over our christmas break. he was fine after an hour or so and is better than ever these days. f.) the picture michelle sent me of jasper, the second most majestic cat ever. behold him in all his splendor.
in other news: my brother in law scotty got his mission call today!! he's going to be serving in the california, san bernadino mission--spanish speaking! he's going to be an awesome missionary and i am so excited for him. also, things are (slowly) falling into place for our move; we're praying they keep moving.


  1. Yeah, I LOVE the picture frame. I really do. You are such a creative little fool. I love you, babe.

  2. I love your blog! Thanks for being funny and for being awesome!

  3. So, I saw that you were posting pictures from your phone and my first thought was,"I wonder if she decided to post one of the many pictures I've sent of Jasper." And you did. haha A quite handsome picture, might I add.


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