check it out. i made this yesterday! it's a picture frame out of a scrabble board. dave and i are scrabble nuts (even though i always win) and at our Georgian wedding reception there was even an ice sculpture of a scrabble board with our names and wedding date on it! i'm not lying! we started playing scrabble on my cell phone when we were dating and it's escalated into a much bigger hobby; we have the original version (pictured here), the DELUXE version, the travel version, and of course the cell phone version. sometimes we challenge other couples to scrabble matches but we always feel bad beating them so completely. well, anyways, i made this frame thing to put up in our new apartment (fingers crossed) as a tribute to our favorite game. the hardest part was cutting the squares out, but once that was done i just taped the pictures behind them, glued the ribbon around the borders, and used velcro to attach a foam board to the back. then i super glued the letters down and voila! there went my evening, anyways. :)


  1. And you wonder why you are so tired today? Hmmmm

  2. I LOVE IT!! So unique and adorable!

  3. Dude, that's what cool. Where did you get the idea to do that? I think I'm going to do that with Catch Phrase. haha


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