welcome home!

this is my plastic flamingo. he's about 19 inches tall, but that's without a top hat--his formal headwear adds a good 2-3 inches. he was a gift from my parents a few christmases ago and he came with an outfit for every holiday: a santa suit for christmas, a pilgrim one for thanksgiving, an easter egg frock...etc etc etc. the one he's currently wearing is his st. patty's day green top hat and irish overcoat. very dashing. every outfit has a matching top hat except for his christmas ensemble, which of course has a santa cap. unfortunately for dave, marrying me also meant marrying my beloved flamingo, plastic and tacky though he may be. when my parents helped us move into our first apartment, my daddy surprised me with a corner shelf hung above the front door with the sole purpose of displaying my precious and majestic friend. i think dave kind of expected me to leave the corner shelf in the apartment we moved out of, but i took it down and then politely begged him to re-hang it, this time directly above our kitchen table. welcome to your new home, mr. flamingo man! i love you!


oh, hey!

i think you're smart, pretty, and entitled to your own opinions.

i'd love it if the feeling was mutual!