woodman #6

our three day weekend was consumed with moving into our little new apartment. it is in SUCH an old building (the same one our store is in), and we don't even have a dishwasher or microwave...what's a girl to do?? seriously, though, i think our aparmtment has a lot more character than the last one did and i'm working hard to make it a cute place for us to live. we are SO blessed and thankful to have so many people that love us and are willing to use their vacation monday to get us moved in; MY MOM, who flew all the way in from california, the wattersons, the wilwands, reed (i still feel weird calling him 'joe' and not 'elder'). everyone made countless trips up and down 48 stairs and totally helped us unpack (janalee singlehandedly took on the entire kitchen). we love and totally owe every single one of you. thank you, thank you, thank you!!
i'll post pictures soon of our new living quarters. right now we're just loving the fact that our apartment is right above the store; today i forgot my english text and i just had to run upstairs to grab it! oh, and cute little side note? the city clears main street of snow with big, scraping, beeping tractors nightly from about 3am-7am...right outside our window. gotta love it. :)


  1. Hey there! I was skipping around your blog and it is just so fun! I love you posts, and it looks like you and your hubby are just doing so well together! Congrats on the new apartment as well! Getting to decorate something new is always fun! good hearing from you!

  2. I'm excited to see pictures of and hear more about your apartment.

    ps. please write a book. any book. i love to read your writing. its creative, fun, and gets information across!


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