some of you may recall blogs from..quite some time ago, where i spoke of our move. i talked of our lovely, little, charming new apartment. i wrote about our new hardwood floors and our gorgeous view of the temple. i've mentioned my freezing cold showers.

i did not, however, mention renting out of our old apartment at peterson point. and that's because it hadn't happened yet. oh, sure, we posted it on craigslist. we got dozens (literally) emails from people "just dying to move in." we even showed it to 7 or 8 people that were "positively, absolutely in love with it and going to fill out an application FIRST THING TOMORROW!"

but, alas, person after person came and went and applications were either never filled out, or never followed up on. for the one or two people that did fill one out and follow up, their credit check just didn't run through well. well, finally, someone came along. he said he was interested and we said "uh huh, of course you are." because we had heard that a million times already. but he actually filled out an application! we were slightly hopeful, but still, not much. and then his credit check didn't run. oh, okay..no surprise there. but THEN...he paid rent for the rest of the year. all in one check. and it went through.

so our apartment at peterson point is finally and thankfully rented out.
and i am happy. because that place just never felt like home. we never quite fell in love with the ward. we just didn't make that many friends. and our new apartment is wonderful. it is quaint and has so much character. our neighbors are wonderful. we love our new ward. we're excited to finally relax.

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