michelle left rexburg today. saying good bye to my best friend for the next eighteen months was surreal and didn't really feel like it was actually happening. i will miss her like crazy but, like i've said before, i know she's going to do so much good in london. i am so excited for her.

david and i took a...four hour nap today. he won't be able to sleep tonight but i know i'll drop off right away. i don't know why i need so much sleep.

this semester is so close to being done and i am so ready for it to be. i can't wait to head to sunny mexico with my family, and i can't wait to see david's family when they come to little old rexburg right after we get back.

my blog has been boring lately but i'm just a little bit worn out lately :( i'll get more exciting soon, i promise.

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  1. So much sleep. . . .are you sure you're not preggers?? I went two months before a test came up positive. . .and i had my "periods". Wouldnt hurt to get a blood test :0)


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