dave just presented me with a very complex dog scenario.
suppose, he said, i got to have one dog and i found two: a beagle and a dachshund.

the beagle: is very mild-mannered. costs us $20 to adopt. cannot trust it's house training. female. has hunting instincts. is very affectionate. perfect coloring. weighs around 15 lbs.

the dachshund: is a little more hyper; yips a little at the door, maybe. costs us $100 to adopt. male. comes with a food dish. very housebroken, but will occasionally bolt at the door. not as affectionate. short-haired brown coat. weighs 19 lbs (that part doesn't make sense to me; dachshunds are small, duh).

michelle: assume we already have cats.
and everyone keep in mind we cannot actually get a dog, dave was just doing this to be cruel and to tease me.
and now i want jack in the box.

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  1. hahaha That's exactly what I would have said.


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