debbie downer

david took me to the gym last night to try to interest me in a swim.
it worked moderately well...mostly i was impressed with his skills/nose plug.
anyways, i smelled like a pool last night and then we didn't have any hot water (we never have hot water) so i didn't shower and instead slept on my nappy, chlorinated hair. this morning...still no hot water. so i braved the cold long enough to wash my body then hopped out and washed my hair in the sink. still shivering.
then i could not find the shirt i had decided to wear today. most people would say 'whatever' and grab a different one, but i wanted to wear THAT SHIRT. so i spent forever tearing our room apart until i found it, of course, in the most obvious place ever. at this point i realized i was late and had no time to eat breakfast. my stomach rumbled. i growled, snatched my boots off the floor, and started pulling them on...when the zipper snapped off in my hand. so i did what any mature, level-headed adult would do. i flopped back on my bed and started bawling. my husband (who actually IS mature and level-headed) was bewildered but still tried to be sympathetic. we finally left the house.
i was grumpy all morning. when my new testament class got canceled, i called dave to ask him to pick me up early. he was on an important conference call and couldn't, so i stomped over to my favorite sandwich shop, which was closed. then i stomped home and flopped onto our bed again, wallowing in my angst.
dave finished his conference call and went downstairs to start opening up the store. it was when i joined him a few minutes later that he told me he was getting sick, had a swollen throat, and felt nauseous.
i felt like the most selfish person alive. here i was, getting all pissy because nothing was going my way, when mr. dave was actually sick and needed some sympathy...
so instead of being a debbie downer (wa, wa, waaah) all day, i'm going to try to be more cheerful and do everything i can to make the most important person in my life feel better.


  1. Man don't you just wish days like that didn't exist! but I guess its life and we all have them,(boo!) sorry for your misfortunes today though, but i admire your positive turnaround! I hope you have a much better day and your husband gets feeling better!

  2. I echo Shauna Leigh! Right on, Princess. I love you and think you are just like someone else who is just as cool as you are! :)

  3. I can totally picture your blogs as I read them, and at first this made me chuckle because it reminds me of myself on a bad day.


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