for david

TODAY i am grateful, above and beyond anything else, for david.
today he was patient with a grumpy wife.
today he made me breakfast (potatoes and cheesy eggs) AND lunch (grilled cheese).
today he indulged me in silly food cravings (like cinna stix).
today he came and visited me a bunch of times at the store...
even though i probably wasn't as cheerful as i could have been.
and tonight he took me out to an improv comedy show the school was putting on.
so tomorrow, i'm going to try to be in a better mood.
and i'm going to make him a nice sunday dinner, cause he deserves to be taken care of!
i'm grateful for his parents, cause they raised such an awesome person.
for example:a couple months ago i decided i wanted to take a bath one night. 
and he said, "let me go clean the tub for you." me: "clean the tub? what?"
and he said, "whenever my mom wanted to take a bath, my dad would go clean the tub for her."
what a simple, unnecessary, and sweet thing to do! i would have never ever thought to ask that of him.
and he always tells me about neat traditions and growing up stories, and it isn't hard to see why he turned out so great.

honey?? i love you. thank you.

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  1. He only cleaned the tub so you wouldn't get a yeast infection. Or, as I like to call them, A Courtney Special.


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