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life's crazy right now, school-wise--i've kinda got a lot of stuff coming up and it gets me all worked up to talk/think about it. so i'll spare you a blog containing a list of the 20,000 things i have going on and instead talk about the recent trivialities that have been taking up space in my brain:
1.) mill hollow sandwiches. i can't get over how much i love their italian sandwich...and i think dave's sick of me asking to eat there. strangely enough, though, he always asks for a bite of my sandy. hm.
2.) my hair growth. it's gotten long enough to flip out a little at the bottoms...so sassy. before you know it i'll have long and luscious mermaid locks to curl and braid and brush and love. i think husbee likes it, too :)
3.) some guy's flea market. a student group at BYUI runs this flea market every couple weeks up on campus and we bought out a booth for the one tomorrow. i'm excited to promote our little store and am trying to figure out what i want to sell there...ooh la la.
4.) okay so my BF4ENENENENENENENENENENENENENENE is coming HERE. to REXBURG. in like...4 days. to see ME, and ME ONLY. i can't wait to spend 24 hours a day, every day, with just her. i am so honored that she's promised not to spend time with ANYBODY ELSE except her BEST FRIEND, ME!!!!!!!!!
5.) my husband's finally feeling better..yahoo!!
6.) i wish people would stop trying to squeeeeeeeze into clothes obviously too small for them. it stretches out necklines, rips buttons off jeans, and makes clothes fall off the hangers. and then i cannot sell them to peole who may have fit into them previously.

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  1. That's funny. I never thought about the damage fat people can do to clothes. I guess I better start looking for larger sizes. Sigh.


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