i love that dave and i own our own business. it's been a total blast for me to order inventory, meet new people, and decorate the store the way i like. i love having the freedom to text my mom or do homework while i'm here, and i like doing everything my own way. the store is such a source of pride for me; it has come so far.
if there is one thing i hate about running this place, though, it's people trying to sell me stuff. i get called every day with people trying to sell me $80 bottles of tanning lotion or credit cards or advertising or...the list goes on and on. the worst part is that i feel guilty saying no! i feel guilty telling some stranger that i don't, in fact, need their product--whatever it may be.
i will say that i've gotten better. i'm a little more assertive on the phone now than i was when we first opened; i used to spend a half hour on the phone while someone went on and on and on about a product i will never need before politely telling them that i..um..need to talk to my husband about it but..um..we'll give you a call back...and then they'd call back the next day and give me the same song and dance. i finally got the guts to just say, "i don't mean to waste your time; we're just not interested at this time." or, when it comes to it, to just...hang up if they won't stop talking.
still irritates me, though. so there's my rant for the day--i hate telemarketers, tanning lotion salespeople, advertising people, etc. but i love panache.


  1. What you SHOULD do is try to put advertisement in local newspapers, and buy an ad in the local school's yearbooks.

    Great business will come, for this I am sure :] -- I sound like a fortune cookie!


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