love letters for my day

for some of the people i admire most in the world. today i am grateful for you. :)
dear david,
i enjoyed driving to broulims with you at 10:47 at night (they close at 11) to get black cherry IBC soda. i admire how handy you are, tackling our wood floor! i adore your cowboy clothes and your crazy all-day-long-bed-head amuses me. i am crazy about you.
love, your wife

dear dad,
it was cool to talk to you on the phone tonight; we should do it more often. i am so so so excited to see you in april. i love you and i admire you so much.
love, bran

i wish i could get in touch with you more often. thank you for listening to the boring, day-to-day details of my life and giving me stories about the family back home. they keep me sane. you are amazing and i love you.
love, bpdc

dear meeshelle,
texting you all day has been fun lately! i sometimes wish we still lived together, or still did sunday sleepovers and midnight mathletes techno. i wish we could have joint custody of a cat. i am going to miss you while you're in london. but i am so excited for you.
love, your bf4enenenenenenene

dear hailey,
shpitty. sidewalking was awesome. and sonic grilled cheese and tater tots was almost as good. your welcome america. i am so happy you're still in rexburg with me; you're one of my only girlfriends here. and you always walk into the store exactly when i am needing a buddy. thanks for all the awesome pictures, too. they do not get old.
love, brandilyn

dear history test,
i wish i had gotten higher than an 83% on you, although an 83 still isn't that bad. next time...i shall prevail.
love, brandilyn

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  1. We could never have joint custody of a cat because we would always be fighting over who gets to cuddle with it at night. haha


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