is everyone ready for my monday-happy post?? because mondays rock my week.
today has been awesome, even though i woke up a grumpy girl.
last night we decided to rip up our living room carpet on account of gorgeous hardwood floors underneath. this not only kept us up late but ALSO gave us lovely scratchy feelings in our throats from all the dust. we didn't get to bed until like...1:30. so i was headache-y when i woke up for class, but went nonetheless. felt like a zombie..then i got to go to my riding lesson and rode a big, fancy, gorgeous horse named quincey. so much fun. i came home all smelly and sweaty, got groceries and horkley's, and hung out with by bee eff hWethB. we threw our old carpet off the balcony at our building and dave and his buddy paul hauled it off for us. ok so THEN we got a package in the mail from kristie, dave's sister. dave lost his phone a week ago and kristie and peter were awesome enough to send us their old one...and they put a TON OF GOODIES in the box, too! unexpected! thank you guys!! tonight, we're making pizza for dinner. i'm going to write an essay, dave might ride his bike in the living room, we'll cuddle. the usual. maybe i'll post my non-fiction thing on here later, who knows.

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  1. Hooray! You got the package! I'm glad ya'll liked it!!! It's pizza night for us too...Zucchini Alfredo Chick. pizza & BBQ Chick. pizza...yum!!!


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