market of fleas

i. love. flea markets.
i loved having a booth at one today.
i loved seeing the stuff everyone else brought--including the 4 paws pet adoption team, who brought THREE PRECIOUS KITTENS. yes. they even let me hold one...i melted. he hugged me and purred. and looked like my marley back in CA (are you reading this, marley?? i love you!).
so i signed up to volunteer (at 4 paws pet adoption). they asked if i minded scooping poop, and i told them not at all as long as i got to have cuddle time afterwards. they assured me that i would. so i am eagerly awaiting their call...they said they have 60 cats. glory be. i am pathetic.
anyways, i got a little excited about buying cool and handmade things, including this adorable headband that matched my outfit today PERFECTLY, and this vinyl cover for my laptop that had (what else?) a mildly-creepy-mostly-cute kitten on it. kudos to HAILEY and PEGGY for the fabulous suggestion.

so everyone in rexburg (or nearby), be SURE to come check us out next week! it's called Some Guy's Flea Market, and it'll be this Saturday from 10-2 in the Hinckley gym/overflow area and there are tons of cool people there.

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