mi espouso ama a los luchadores

most sundays, david and i wake up late. we scramble to get ready for 9:30 church in time. i usually get irritable because nothing looks good on me, and then we both get a little grumpy when there's no time for breakfast. since he's been sick lately, i thought it would be a good idea to try and do better this morning. i woke up early, got a shower in (WITH HOT WATER!), and then made dave breakfast in bed. it was going to be perfect...until i went to wake dave up and his health had regressed. he was as sick, if not more, than ever. he stayed home and i went to just the first hour of church (sacrament) and came back home. he slept most of the day, including a 3 hour nap that i joined him for. since he's hardly eaten anything since wednesday, i tried to think of things that might sound good to him, tried to make him comfortable, and even used my default coping mechanism--trying to make him laugh. he was appreciative of my efforts, but i could tell he still wasn't feeling too hot. finally, tonight, something perked him up....

yep. good old nacho.
he's still sick, but i'm glad he was at least entertained in the midst of it.

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