people upside down in japan

1. today i got a very exciting oppurtunity! a good family friend of the weltzs' (my family), who lives in utah, is trying to sell one of her horses. she wants to enter her in a hunter jumper show coming up in utah...and she asked ME to come down and show for her!! i am so so SO thrilled; i haven't shown in a while and certainly didn't think i'd be doing it again anytime soon. i'm flattered that she thought of me. and i really can't wait to get into a pair of decent breeches...and a high-collared blouse...wool coat...knee-high boots...hairnet & helmet...mm. and smell like horse and sweat. and horse sweat. yum.
2. many people think giving blood is scary and gross. i am here to correct you; it is actually fun and beneficial to many! i gave blood today...it happens to be one of my very favorite things to do. i get it from my dad, who donates regularly. it went well, aside from me nearly being too anemic to donate (which is why i couldn't do it last time the drive was in town). i was a little light-headed afterward, so mi espouso came and gave me a ride to the store..and then made me a pb&j on toast for lunch :) aww. he's a real gem.
3. some people came to look at our old apartment last night, so we just maybe might finally be done with it. fingers crossed...not that we don't L O V E paying rent for 2 apartments, because we totally do. oh and by 'love' here i mean 'hate.' as we were leaving dave slipped on some icy slick pavement and fell. he's okay, after a little TLC from me. and some cream soda and pizza and dumb & dumber. but mostly me. oh, i also studied some youtube videos of lance armstrong so i can coach him when it comes time for his traithlon. look at me; i'm super wife!
4.yesterday night we printed a big fat monstrous sign for the store window advertising our cheap hair/nail booth for rent (do you live in rexburg? do you do hair? nails? want a cheap booth? call me). hopefully we get some awesome, new, sweet people in here. i'd like that.


  1. How does Japan fit into this equation? Or is this just another Brandilynism?

  2. uhh you're going to be in utah?
    we better do lunch.


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