sleepy eyes

i cannot remember a time in the last few months that i haven't been tired.
i don't know why, but i can't ever seem to get enough sleep.

i also can't get enough of the asiago/cracked pepper bread i bought or the cheesecake i made for dinner last night. hmm.

it's warming up here, too.
in rexburg that means we're sslloowwllyy getting into the 40's and i am so excited.
i'm excited to start riding my bicycle around, and to have sunday picnic/naps in the park, and to maybe maybe get a little more color. naturally.
even owning a tanning salon, i just can't bring myself to climb into one of those things.

okay and can i throw out a big fat YIPPEE for my new bridesmaid shoes that came in the mail yesterday?
i got to pick them out and they are soft and brown and i'm excited to wear them.

last thing: i'm all registered for spring classes.
this means: french 201, non-fiction, major authors, and book of mormon.
excited for everything but french.

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  1. ahh french! You'll have to tell me how that goes!


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