monday=my day off (wee!). i went to class and got a new student ID card (mine still had my maiden name on it). i bought groceries and new nail polish. i made a 7 layer dip and did lots of homework. i took a nap. and best of all, david gave me lilies...cause we've been married for 7 months today :)

i got this email from my mom. if you're reading, consider yourself 'tagged' and fill it out yourself!
3's About Me

+three names i go by:
1. brandilyn
2. bran (that's just my daddy and sometimes husband)
3. bpdc (and that's just my momma)
+three jobs i have had in my life:
1. waitress to the elderly
2. water truck driver
3. clothing store owner/manager
+three places I have lived:
1. pleasanton, CA
2. livemore, CA
3. rexburg, ID
+three things i like to watch:
1. cats. dogs. horses...any animals
2. my friend arianne's sons jaxon and jensyn
3. dave being a goof
+three places i have been:
1. australia (BEST VACATION EVER)
2. mexico
3. windsor
+three people that email me regularly:
1. my mom
2. michelle
3. david
+three of my favorite foods:
1. mexican!
2. grilled cheese sandwiches
3. cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cake breads...anything to satisfy my sweet tooth...
+three friends i think will respond:
anyone who wants to! :)
+three things i am looking forward to:
1. MEXICO/seeing my family again
2. graduation
3. being out of debt
+three favorite movie genres:
1. dry humor/mockumentaries (best in show, drop dead gorgeous)
2. stupid humor (dumb & dumber, blades of glory)
3. arrested development..not a movie but i don't care. i love it.
+three favorite types of music:
1. fast paced dancey work out music
2. slow accoustic sleepy music
3. a little country

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