in these last few days:
1.) my best friend michelle got here. michelle is fantastic and i have missed her so, so much. as many of you know, she is leaving in a few short weeks to spend 18 months in london serving a mission for our church and this will be the last time i'll see her before she leaves. i do not like to think about that because it makes me feel panicky inside, which dampens the excitement i feel for the adventure she's about to go on.
we are having a dinner tonight with the coolest. people. ever. and i'm pretty excited about that :)
2.) david got a haircut. he looks...so good. sorry ladies, but i definitely snagged the most attractive man to ever walk this planet.
3.) i am so definitely ready for this semester to end. history is giving me headaches. new testament is eating my brain. creative writing is even killing me a little. and the essay i have due in like 3 days for literary criticism is making my chest feel all tight and scared. welcome to finals week.
4.) i've had headaches pretty consistently lately. perhaps because i'm always tired. not a big deal.

that's about it. i'm not very interesting today but i'm also a little worn out.
happy weekending, everyone.

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