today...today i am wiped out. i took an english final.
and then came to the store and spent 5 hours accounting for a T O N of new inventory.
i'm not exaggerating. there was a lot of stuff.
and i have a history final tonight.

luckily, everyone that came into the store has been really friendly, patient, and understanding about the temporary mess caused by said new items. they didn't trash dressing rooms. and they were even cool about waiting for a tanning bed.

also: my studly husband went for a 28 mile bike ride, AND he swam a mile last night. swam it. he's going to kill this ironman in june. have i mentioned that i am crazy about him? i have? well. fine.

today is good. busy is good. mexico will be better.


  1. Amen! Mexico will ROCK!!!

  2. I called my mission president and he said that I could delay going to the MTC for a week so I could go to Mexico. So, here I come family!!!


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