general conference

right now david is at the priesthood session of general conference.
he looked so good, wearing my favorite button-up shirt of his. he knows blue is my favorite color.
i'm pretty excited that it's general conference weekend, although it feels like hardly any time has passed since the last one in october. last year, for the april general conference, david and i traveled with some of my roommates to see it in person. we had just started dating more seriously and i was so excited to spend the weekend with him. that was the conference that thomas s. monson got called to be the new prophet after gordon b. hinckley passed away. 6 months later, at the october conference, we were married and we watched it while cuddled up on our couch at peterson point. today, we watched it down at the store and tomorrow we'll be cuddling in our woodman apartment. it is amazing how much 6 months will change things.
i love the gospel. i love david haynes. and i am so excited for everything.
ok and p.s.? subway made me sort of sick today + it always smells bad = not eating there again anytime soon. plus, why should i when mill hollow is so freaking good?!

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  1. I soooo agree with you about Subway. I so hate that place!!


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