-french just maybe might be managable. but perhaps i am speaking too soon, being only three days into this semester. i fell asleep last night around 7 and didn't wake up until...6:30 this morning. so, school's already eating my brain. non-fiction class will be fun though!
-i love david. i love him i love him i love him. you hear it all the time, i know, but i hope there's never any doubt. i am crazy about that guy.
-david's family was here for a few days when we got back from utah! they left yesterday morning and i just didn't want them to leave. i'll post about their visit as soon as i have pictures to put with it! trust me though, it was a blast. mr. scott, now elder haynes, went into the MTC today (!!). he's an awesome guy and we're super excited for him. it's an amazing family that my husband comes from.
mmkay back to homework...later gators :)

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  1. brandilynnnnnnnnn it is almost eerie how "close" i am to you just because you blog a Lot. FYI i think you are just great and i enjoy it, if we can get over the weirdness :)


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