party in idaho!

when david and i flew back into salt lake after being in mexico, we met up with his family:
they were down here to drop scott off at the MTC! we got to spend a couple days with them. i haven't seen my in-laws since our wedding (a whopping 9 months ago!) and it was so good to visit with them outside of the rush and stress of a wedding reception. they are the most wonderful people you will ever meet and i had a blast having them in town. for dinner on monday night, candy and kristie (david's mom and sister) made their grandmama's famous spaghetti and it was delicious. they even got the grand tour of rexburg (mill hollow included!). we also spent the evening doing laundry at the coin-op: (i'm wearing dave's jacket)
and we got horkley's and walked around porter park because the weather was so gorgeous and warm outside. they had to leave early tuesday morning and we were very sad to see them leave. when we got home, however, we found this little treat on our bed:

a 50 lb. box of Idaho potatoes!! they are HUGE!

we're totally hoping to see them again soon; perhaps next time we'll make a trip to the east coast or out to southern california.
Haynes/Crapos::we love you and had SO MUCH FUN having you guys here!!

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