roll, cat, corgi

hailey claims my life revolves around food. while this isn't entirely true, i will say that i do enjoy a good meal/snack to a great extent. and last night dave and i made an item that tops my list:rhodes rolls. these guys are...delicious. and they have 0 calories! (that last part was an outright lie) we have making them down to a science. i will also point out that they are the foundation of sticky buns, which i am turning into a tradition of making every general conference sunday.
other things from recently:
i randomly got tagged in this picture (taken maybe 2-3 years ago) on facebook the other day. it's patches, my beloved kitten and best friend for the 11 years she slept by my side each night. may her fluffy, cuddly, precious, mouse-scavenging soull rest in peace. i miss having a cat quite terribly. and along those lines, how exciting would it be if i got one of these??!

mm...we'll see. :)

**THIS JUST IN: OUR HOT WATER IS BACK! THE HEATER HAS BEEN REPLACED AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! i cannot wait to take a long, hot shower. ooh, the things i have taken for granted.**


  1. You are pathetic, but I do love you so much.


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