after reading some rather negative things, i've decided to make a list of some things that are wonderful today:
-- i've nearly completed the powerpoint for a presentation on l'Arc de Triomphe for my french class this wednesday. now i just need to practice the speaking part.
-- i got a fruit smoothie for lunch! i got it dairy-free to david could have some, but he wasn't interested. jamba switched our smoothies once and it made him terribly sick and he hasn't forgiven them yet.
-- we are about to embark on a 4 day weekend...!!
-- the lovely erin is brought us more feather hair pieces today to sell in the store. she's an artist! her stuff is just so beautiful!!
-- the weather. it is calm and sunny and open-windowed-perfection.
-- i had a blassst at comic frenzy rehearsal
-- david is enjoying the gorgeous day by going on a bike ride {ironman first weekend in june! it's coming up!}
-- i get to spend the evening with husband. marriage = the best. couldn't ask for anything more :)

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  1. What a refreshing change from the people who often complain about their lives. I'm impressed, my darling Princess. I'm so glad that you are happy in your life with Dave. You maketh me to smile a lot.


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