we had a four day weekend from school: monday off for memorial day (of course), and tuesday (today) off for a "testing day." i'm not sure what that means. i didn't take any tests. but this weekend's been wonderful. i'm still basking in it. saturday was normal: busy day at the store. gorgeous outside; we left the door open all day. saturday night, david and i fell asleep around 8:00 whilst watching a movie...and didn't wake up until 8:30 sunday morning before church. actually, i think i woke up once around 3 am and took my contacts out.
sunday, we went to church. had an in-car picnic in front of the temple afterwards. went home, and...yep. napped. talked to our parents on the phone. had a little dinner. went back to bed. by now you can probably see where this is going.
well, it got more exciting come monday (yesterday) night. we heard about a little theatre in west yellowstone that puts on shows all summer long. we looked it up online and found out that FOOTLOOSE was showing the next night! well. i love footloose. so we bought tickets online and road tripped it to montana yesterday (i use the term road trip usely; the drive was about an hour and a half). we ate dinner at the "geyser grill," walked around the charming little downtown, and caught the show. and you guys, the playmill theatre is so. cute. it's tiny and the actors are also the ushers and the concession people. the show was funny. we had a blast.
and then we came home and slept some more. looked at a house this morning. and i napped again.


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