big juds, small houses

okay so we had dinner at big jud's, which is always interesting/delicious.
and by interesting i mean sometimes funny, sometimes scary.
and by delicious i mean delicious. i got some moose track ice cram while we were there.
then we drove around rexburg/archer back country and looked at charming little houses .
and we decided we want to move into a house, so marley can move back to idaho. and so we can adopt a little brother kitten for marley. and then i can also get a dachshund. and a big dog too, like a rhodesian (ah, rodesian fighting sticks...) ridgeback. like mojo (baroo?!). but it would be a little tiny old house, because we are of course still college students.    { moving on. }
then we got finding nemo. from clean flicks, which is good because then all the nudity will be edited out.
now, we'll watch our movie.  i'll eat some moose track ice cream. we'll think about a house.
and...we will CUDDLE! because haynes are cuddlers.
and: side note: break my heart, why don't you?? this guy is perfect.


  1. hahhaa ok you know me and cats. but he is adoreable. oh and p.s. my blog. just me. tk has his. and it's actually quite funny. but that could be the bias.



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