i really do love rexburg. especially this time of year.
it's also probably about time to get my windshield replaced...

VERY IMPORTANT: michelle emailed a bunch of pictures home to her mom today, so you should go to her blog (you can use the 'sister piazza' link on my sidebar) and check them out! They're super super cute and made my day.

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  1. Well thank you Brandilyn! i love them but so happy they are done:) its good to hear from you! seems like all is well with you and dave! some fun vacations and store is doing well too! good stuff!
    i had a crack in my windshield in the exact same spot and about the exact same length across the bottom, and I too had to get it fixed, it is amazing how much better you can see with a new one!
    and last but not least owl graphics are one of my favorites! so i really love your twitter button!


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