summertime and the living's easy

house hunting continues. homework...continues. 
being excited to see my mom, continues.
to be honest, there aren't many new things happening in my corner of the world.  life is busy but it's routine: school, the store, homework, hanging out with mr. dave...lather, rinse, repeat. 
this weekend was the first that we've had honest-to-goodness, gorgeous, perfect rexburg summer weather.  there's barely any breeze, the temperature's mild...we've got the windows open in our apartment and open in our cars. so, i couldn't be any happier about that. i don't want to be inside at all. i'd rather be outside walking a dog or reading in a hammock. dave just wants to be driving the rebel everywhere. but then, when isn't that true?
life is a little out of control when it comes to school and the store (great week at the store, by the way)...but at home it's peaceful and quiet and fun and good. and i am in love :)

oh, isn't this cartoon cute?? i thought it fit me well. when i asked david where he'd like to be stranded, he said "anywhere with you!" ...awww ♥

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