last night dave and i went to idaho falls with our FHE family to go to the titanic museum.  it was very cool! we got passenger "tickets" when we first got there, and the museum took us from the construction of the ship all the way to it's sinking and heroic (or not-so-heroic) stories of people on board. they also had a big imitation iceberg that you could put your hand on to feel (almost) how cold the water was that night.  at the very end, they had a huge wall with lists of people who survived and then lists of those who didn't.  dave and i both survived, but sam and stacy died (this was according to the tickets we were given at the beginning of the tour).  after the museum, we went to the backyard burger because on monday nights they have free unlimited fries...so good! so, to anyone who's in the east idaho area--definitely check out the titanic museum in idaho falls.  it's worth the drive and it's there until september.
**i stole this picture from stacy--from left to right there's steven, sam, stacy, me, and dave.**

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