ma belle mere

i hope all you moms out there are having the BEST mother's day ever and aren't hating sacrament meetings like i've been told mothers do on this day (is that true, by the way?)!  you're amazing.

moving away from home has been hardest because i do miss mom so darned much every day. so many of the things she's taught me have become integral parts of who i am.  my mom has passion for everything she does, be it raising her kids, foot zoning, riding her horses, or (especially) her yoga practice.  she never hesitates to tell people how crazy in love with my dad she is or to brag about one of her children.  she takes pride in the things she does well and works hard to improve on the things she doesn't. she makes friends everywhere she goes (the health food store, in line at target, in public restrooms...) and brightens their day with her sarcastic and hilarious sense of humor.
in short...i love you, mom. and i wanna be just like you when i grow up!


  1. I completely agree! Your mom is AMAZING! she never fails to bring a smile to my face : ]

  2. Thank you, beautiful! You made me cry, darn it!!!! I love you so much and can not WAIT until Mother's week when I can see my Oboe Joboe!


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