david and i have been taking an hour or so every night lately to cruise around the back roads on our little motorcycle. {i know i sort of look a little stupid here, but that wind blows HARD!}
i remember hearing my dad talk about how when he was growing up, his parents would take him and his brothers on 'drives.' i always used to think that sounded so boring, and gas is expensive anyways, but we've been having so much fun!
i should know better than to doubt anything my dad says by now.
it helps that the rebel hardly uses any gas. it gets approximately one million miles to the gallon, you know.
and is there any better way to see a sunset like this?
i submit that there may not be.
plus, i get to hold on to my big strong husband as tight as i want. bonus!
he loves that motorcycle. i love him. he loves me, too. but also the motorcycle.

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  1. iLoveRides!!! it gives you such a free feeling, and you are so close to your man! it is one of my favs! but i highly suggest helmets- josh has learned how invaluable they truly are after shattering his jaw in an atv crash- just want ya to be safe! enjoy your rides!!!!


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