saturday is a special day

saturdays are happy days!! today, the following great things happened...and it's only 1:30 (!)

1. i've been married to david for 9 months today (how weird is it going to be when i say like...50 years?!)
2. a CAT COOKIE CUTTER came in the mail today...for me!! i am so excited to make cookies tonight. thank you, casey!! mrrow
3. snuggling in bed today until like...10:00. we were lazy butts and it was wonderful.
4. it is GORGEOUS outside today. perfect.
5. we're busy at the store, which i always love. nothing worse than sitting here bored and lonely all day. we're also having a $5 sale on all the Layers tops, which is good cause those things needed to go.
6. mother's weekend is coming up (last weekend in may), and this morning i found out that includes a.) 2 comic frenzy shows on saturday! eee! AND b.) a 5k mother/kid challenge, which my ironman husband and marathon mother will be competing in. i'm really excited for that one.


  1. Do you know when tickets go on sale so we can get them before they sale out?

  2. I'm guessing I better amp up my workouts so that we can kick some serious booty, right? I'm so excited to come and see you. I never get enough of my oboe joboe!

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