sur le weekend

so many good things happened this weekend!
my mom got here on wednesday night. !!!
she came to all of my classes with me on thursday (except non-fiction, which she skipped to take a nap...i didn't blame her) and friday, too.  she worked in the store with me on friday and on friday night we had a big family dinner with the wattersons, wilwands, and reeds.
on saturday we had comic frenzy all afternoon (great shows!).
last night dave, my mom, and i took a little road trip down to utah.
we stayed at wayne and kaylene's house (on a waterbed!). 
we did some visiting. i love wayne and kaylene and madie and braxton.
we visited jillian and tk in their cute little apartment,
we ate a delicious lunch,
and had a wonderful sunday nap.
and then we had to take my mom back to the airport. and i cried because i always do.
and we drove back to rexburg.
it was so, so good to see my mom and i'm sad we live so far away.

now dave and i are showering and cooling our apartment down. i might be having some leftover dessert.

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