Top Stories of the Day {idaho version}:
1. i cut my left pointer finger today while slicing apples.  it stung. not as much as when i sliced a chunk of my left thumb off while trying to pit an avocado an hour later, though.
2. we've rented season one of flight of the conchords. she wolf.
3. tonight we zoomed around the back roads of rexburg on the motorcycle.  i made friends with a horse on the side of the road and i even got to drive a little bit, too. it was a gorgeous night out and now it feels stuffy in our apartment, even with all the windows open. summertime is agreeing with me.
4. i made applesauce and baked a cake. dave made pico/avocado salsa. we are eating good tonight.

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  1. Ahhh! You LIKED my "top stories" edition of bloggery!


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