viva la crepe

today in french class, we started on food vocabulary..mmm...everything sounded so good! it got me all antsy about making crepes and i decided that there's no time like the present. we made them for dinner tonight (with rice milk, by the way--it didn't change the taste at all + makes them a little healthier!) and once we got the hang of cooking them for juuust the right amount of time and being careful about flipping, they were SO GOOD. we put nutella, fresh strawberries, and bananas on them. totally stuffed ourselves.
and then...and then we made the mistake of deciding that we would crawl into our cozy bed a cuddle...for just 10 minutes. .... ... .. ........
an hour and a half later, i'm groggy and bleary-eyed and stumbling around trying to get started on book of mormon homework. yiiiikes.
crepes: 1 haynes: 0


  1. oh my gosh, my blog must drive you crazy!! {if you are a punctuation expert} i just type like i talk, which probably isn't proper either ;)

    Anyway thanks for saying hello and leaving me such a sweet comment. It has been so much fun finding so many new cute bloggers!!

    hope you are having an amazing day!

  2. Beth Grasseschi5/7/09, 9:18 PM

    Your crepes look soooo good!


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