i am such a grump today!
i just don't feel like being in the store for the next 5 hours.
i feel like being upstairs with david. maybe taking a nap.
trying out a cookie recipe i've been dying to make.
and just doing the lazy saturday things that everyone else seems to be doing.
my week in numbers:
1 mile run + 5 mile bike + 3 lap swim {length of david's teeny-tiny triathlon today; it was a lay-up for him}
2 tanning beds to clean for non-stop saturday tanners
3 (1/2) school weeks left
4 comic frenzy shows this weekend
5 days until we head to california for the fourth of july!
6 people in our FHE family {whom i love!}

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  1. Princess, I remember those days of working (I was working all night long while everyone else slept and I longed to be like them and vowed that one day I would) and knowing that there was something better out there. Good for you blogging about your feelings because someday your child will read this and know that you paid your dues before you and Dave made it to the "big time".


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