• i'm currently the high bidder on the PERFECT gift for david on eBay (we have a one year anniversary coming up). there's only 17 minutes left. i've totally got this. **this just in: I WON!** best wife ever.
  • robbie went back home today. we had so much fun with him {and hope he had a good time, too!}. activities during his visit included, but were not limited to: david's triathlon, scrabble, bowling, pizza-making, mill hollow, motorcycle rides, my famous grilled cheese, and we finished it all off with a horkley's run. we're hoping to have him again at the end of his summer break...
  • comic frenzy shows this weekend were a blast! i love the people in the group, i love improv, and i've been having so much fun with this class. we have more shows coming up in a week and a half: june 26 & 27 at 7 & 9 pm both nights; they'll be in the snow building up on campus {ruth barrus concert hall, i think}. tickets are $3 and sold at the door; would love to see you there!
  • new clothes at the store: makes me happy. bright & full in here.
  • rain in rexburg: makes me even happier!
  • 2 date nights with david this week: makes me HAPPIEST! (tonight = temple + asain noodle salad date; friday = monsters vs. aliens at the dollar theatre and...he's planning the rest so i don't know)

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