in that moment, i swear we were infinate

i don't care one bit how cliche this sounds...
but every time i read the perks of being a wallflower (i think this is read #7 or something?), it gets better.
i find something new there every time i'm reading it, & it sort of connects itself to everything i think about for a while afterwards. i think that's the sign of a really great book.
i read somewhere that the catcher in the rye inspired stephen chbosky a lot while he was writing this book,
and this time through i can really see that. i think it's mostly because, like with Holden Caulfield, everyone sees a bit of themselves in and can realate to Charlie in some way; that feeling of not quite fitting in but still loving so much at the same time.
maybe it's different for you...and you hate this book and think i'm silly...but that's what i think!
anyways, i really do hope you will do yourself a favor and read this book.
it is my all-time favorite and if you live anywhere near me, i would be happy to let you borrow my copy...just as long as you PROMISE to give it back! and: bonus: it ALWAYS makes me want to write.and feeling inspired is my favorite kind of feeling.


  1. I am thinking about starting a book club maybe I put this book down as one to read.

  2. you should! it's technically a YA book, but i still love it :)


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