mon anniversaire, parte deux

the rest of my special day consisted of hailey {aka my BFF shpitty} surprising me at work with HORKLEYS and a cocoa bean cupcake...2 of my favorites. she even put a candle in my cupacke!
then i went to comic frenzy (it turned out to be my favorite class we've had so far), and then i came home....

my FHE family was there (stephen and heather made me the COOLEST cartoon and a cat picture made out of pasta noodles! hilarious!), and my BFF shpitty...and just so many friends. it was so neat to see all of my favorite rexburg friends at once. i screamed so loud when they all jumped out, i think i looked pretty terrified...and i almost wet my pants. but we all hung out at our apartment and ate a delicious fruit-topped cake and chips and stuff that dave got. i had no idea he had been planning anything! we ended the day with a late night sonic run (because i'm in love with limeades as of late)....
and then my birthday was over and now i am 20 (!). it really was such a great day.
i do have to say that my favorite birthday wishes came in an e-mail from my daddy:
"Happy B-Day to you, Happy B-day to you.... I would go on, but you know how slow I type, it's the thought that counts. I love you and hope you have a great day! The dad"
it made me laugh so hard! my dad really does type slow!
thank you to EVERYONE who called, texted, facebooked, emailed [etc.], me happy birthday !!!
it meant a lot & i felt very loved indeed.

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