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this weekend of comic frenzy shows was some of the most fun i've ever had.
all 4 shows went well beyond my wildest expectations and it was confirmed to me that i really do have the privilege of working with geniuses!!  all photos below are courtesy of Chrissy.
this is our comic frenzy backdrop (which i get to help assemble):
carrie, david, richard and i in a scene at a beauty shop:
the group interviewing ashley and her cutie boyfriend matt to get some juicy stuff to do scenes off of (from L-R: davey, carrie, richard, scott, me, & ammon):
and these are the LIVERMORE GIRLS from last night!! Chrissy and Ashley came with dates to support me, and they BOTH volunteered to come up on stage to give us material to scene jam with.  i grew up with these ladies and was so, so, so excited to see them last night:
i had lots of love in the audience last night.  Josh and Shauna, Ashley and Chrissy, and Brooke and Nick all came to the show (and Dave, of course!) and I was feeling the love big time.
Thanks, guys!!

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  1. Oh how I so wanted to be there. It breaks my heart that I can't see my talented, beautiful, amazing Oboe Joboe in action.


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