a right lovely evening

tonight for FHE, we went to Big Jud's with the Robins and the Gygis (our FHE family, whom we love dearly).  we ate delicious burgers and chatted and i forgot i had my camera with me until the motorcycle ride home, which sucked because i meant to get a snapshot of our whole group. well, on the way home we saw some four-legged friends and stopped to say hello.  everyone in this scenario has british accents and uses british slang because, well, i got a letter from sister piazza in england yesterday and an email from her today.  and i just felt like it.
here's david:
"Bonkers! Why won't they come visit me? They're really doing my head in!"
& then here's the buckskin we tried to smuggle home for my mom on the back of the motorcycle {it didn't work}:
"Oh. Right then.  Hello, good chap."
"Mm, yes, rather nice, then.  How do you do?"
we fed them some grass from the other side of the fence {it really was much greener} and then decided to leave the lush fields and pretty horses to come home to our stuffy apartment and never-ending homework.
"Nice visiting with you! Tally ho! Until next time!"

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  1. Ooooh! I want the Buckskin! I want the Buckskin! I so want another pony to love! I miss my Mosque and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have THAT Buckskin!!!!!!!


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