tuesday night haynes

tuesday night haynes do 2 weeks worth of laundry at coin-op.
they eat dinner at new fong's--a cultural experience to say they least.
and then they go for a walk in porter park.
tuesday night haynes ride the motorcycle over to cleanflicks to pick up the big lebowski (for him).
and they stop at mill hollow for a smoothie (for her).
when they get home, they are happy. they fold laundry. they make plans for 4th of july weekend.
they put pajamas on. they watch a movie and talk to her mom on the phone.
and maybe tuesday night haynes are boring, but they are never unhappy!


  1. and that's just the way it should be. Shazam!

  2. Clean Flicks still exists????!!!!!!

    Is it true? Do they have recent films? Slumdog, etc? If so, David and I might have to move up there and then the boys can start giving each other "expensive gifts" and planning a future business.


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