uno, dos...

inspired by this blog, i've decided to do the numbers of my week:

1 day without david this weekend...SUCKS!
2 comic frenzy shows i'm in tomorrow night (see this post)
3 classes i skipped on my birthday
4 pages in the essay i'm working on
5 different colors in the birthday bouquet of lilies my parents sent :)
6 times i've listened to my kimya dawson-inspired radio station on pandora.com
7 size of the rainbow flip flops i wear every day
8 times i blow, then reset, the circuit thing when trying to dry my hair [grr...]
9 cats/dogs i've found on craigslist that i wished were mine..including a rhodesian ridgeback
10 calls to my parents {i miss them}
11 cookies in my daddy's post-surgery care package
12 ($$): average price of the new shirts we got in this week
13 miles david is running tomorrow (preceded by 1.5 mile swim + 50 mile bike)
what does your week look like in numbers??

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