when i am laying on my side, for whatever reason...
it bothers me when my knees touch.
like it makes me feel really uncomfortable.
enter my leg pillow.

dave and i call it 'leggy.' i've been sleeping with leggy for about a year now. and it makes my slumber so nice :)

also, according to bed bath & beyond, it: "reduces pressure and provides comfort for back pain sufferers. Pillow fits the curves of your legs, so it comfortably stays in place throughout the night. It restores alignment of back, hips and knees, stabilizes pelvis and lower back, cushions knees and legs, and improves spine alignment."

sounds good to me.


  1. hey my mom has got one of those and it helps her sleep a lot better! They do what they say they do, so it is good!

  2. Okay, girl, you could write an ad for these people! I'm so impressed. Go leggy!


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