today, wednesday, consisted of:
1.) me waking up late, so
a.) wearing my husband's shirt, &
b.) braiding my bangs on account of no time to shower.
**DO NOT think i don't realize that my roots belong in a trailer park. i need to fix that.**
2.) going to French and 252 classes. struggling, you know? because i'm ready for the semester to be over and it's just not.
3.) coming home, watching arrested development on hulu, and napping. WHY do i require so much sleep?
4.) reading a large chunk of the time traveler's wife (for the second time). it is really, extraordinarily good and i highly recommend it! & word on the street is there's a film version coming out. read the book before you see the film, though, that's my motto! (i said that in the mrs. trunchbull voice from 'matilda,' by the way)

5.) visiting with mah BFF shpitty (that's almost a daily event though, you know).

6.) cleaning many a tanning bed. selling many clothes. attempting to be approachable despite aforementioned appearance. placing both clothing and jewelry orders (YES!).

7.) flirting with david :)

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